Our story

Ofefoods Limited is a registered company that deals in Nigerian local food and restaurant. We sell all your favourite Nigerian soups online and at our locations. With local seasonings in a clean environment in our Lagos metropolis

Ofefoods prepare fresh Nigerian dishes using local spices only, for that healthy, fresh and nutritious feeling and taste that you deserve.

Why do we stick to local spices? This is to proof that the use of  local and and natural spices are healthier and also tastier in our Nigerian meals compared to foreign or processed spices

Our strength

Farm produce
Local Recipes
Foreign Seasonings

Ofe does not encourage preservations, foreign spices or seasonings. We concentrate on local condiments…from Farm to Pot, and from Pot to to your plate while it’s hot and fresh.

Ofe does not store either the meats or vegetables over night. All Ofefoods comes straight from the farm to the pot and to the customers table.

So the concept is to serve our local Nigerian dishes, prepared in our local manner in an absolutely clean environment, ready for your relish

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